Tanke på Thise Mejeri

Main tasks and areas of responsibility

  • Safeguarding of commercial and political interests in relation to the European Union and other international associations and organisations.
  • Co-operation with national and international authorities and organisations.
  • Exercise of direct negotiation and consultation rights towards public authorities.
  • Communication and image-building activities.
  • Joint sales promotion for milk and dairy products, including school milk and nutrition.
  • Product legislation, environment and quality.
  • Co-ordination of dairy industry research and development.
  • Veterinary conditions and raw milk quality.
  • Administration of the milk quota scheme.
  • Administration of the Milk Levy Fund and the Dairy Rationalisation Fund.
  • Preparation of industry statistics.

Our mission

To contribute to creating and ensuring the best possible development potential for the Danish dairy industry in Denmark and abroad.

Our vision

  • To support a competitive Danish dairy industry, which fetches the best possible earnings in the market.
  • To contribute to the ongoing internationalisation of the Danish dairy industry.
  • To be the national and international centre of competence of the Danish dairy industry.
  • To commit to community health promotion, focusing on milk as an important constituent of the Danish diet.
  • To contribute to maintaining a high status for the industry in the minds of the consumers as well as a high level of processing and development.
  • To be an attractive and modern place of work, which develops and challenges the competencies of each individual employee.