RBDAIRY – Risk and Benefit assessment of dairy consumption in a Danish diet

Dairy products have been a staple food in the Danish diet for many years. However, consumption of dairy products has waned in recent years, and milk-free alternatives have appeared in the supermarkets. This decreasing trend is expected to continue due to sustainability concerns. The health impact of the decrease in the dairy product consumption as well as the health effect of the substitution products needs to be investigated further.

By: Grith Mortensen

The aim of the RBDAIRY projects is to calculate the health impact of the current and alternative scenarios of consumption of dairy products in Denmark. In practice, the project will quantify the scientifically documented positive and negative health effects of consumption of dairy products in specific age- and population groups in terms of disability-adjusted life years (DALY). The project builds on mathematical modelling of the scientific literature, food consumption and health statistics data. The projects aims at delivering research-based knowledge that can inform the work of the food authorities, for example to update and implement dietary recommendations.

Project period: August 2020 - July 2022

Budget: 1.578.155 DKK 

Financing: Milk Levy Fund, DTU

Project manager: Lea Sletting Jakobsen 

Institution: DTU Food

Participants: Ghent University