The research initiatives of the Danish Dairy Research Foundation focus on four strategic core areas.

The four strategic core areas are:

  • Food design, technology & biotechnology
  • Food safety & analyses
  • Health & nutrition
  • Food aid & better food for more people.

Interdisciplinary research activities are carried out in collaboration with the Danish Dairy Research Foundation, universities, hospitals, Advanced Technology Groups, and to a great extent relevant dairy partners and other industries. We welcome international cooperation, and the Danish Dairy Research Foundation has a significant role in maintaining international network and collaboration relationships.

Current focus areas and selection criteria are reflected in the call for expressions of interest. In principle, it is of importance that the projects are high-level research projects, that they have clear objectives and dairy relevance.

‘Strategy 2022 – Danish Dairy Research Foundation’ sets out the focus areas for the pre-competitive research to be carried out by the dairies towards 2022. If you want to know more about The Danish Dairy Research Foundation and details about the strategic core areas, then the strategy is a good starting point.