Aabybro Dairy

Address: 148 Brogårdsvej
DK 9440 Aabybro
Telephone: +45 9824 1004
Fax: +45 9824 4566
E-mail: -
Homepage: ryaais.dk

Dairy manager: N.H. Lindhardt
Chairman/owner: N.H. Lindhardt

Company form: Privately owned

Production: Ice-cream, butter and cheese.
The majority of the production is Ryå Is which includes ice-cream, sorbets, mousse, buttermilk ice-cream, sugar-free ice-cream and energy-rich ice-cream. In addition, the dairy produces smoked cheese, buttermilk cheese and butter
Market: Domestic market

About the dairy

  • Aabybro Dairy was founded in 1888 as a cooperative dairy of farmers from the surrounding farms in Vendsyssel. Production consisted of cheese, milk and butter partly for the local area and partly for export.
  • In 1968, the Lindhardt family took over the dairy.
  • With the formation of the large dairy companies that meant the disappearance of many small dairies, Aabybro Dairy chose to convert a large part of the production into ice cream.