Barrit Dairy

Address: 5 Brølbæk
DK 7150 Barrit
Telephone: +45 7569 1023
Fax: +45 7569 1792

Dairy manager: Brian Madsen
Chairman/owner: Bent Pedersen

Company form: Cooperative

Production: Cheese and cream cheese
Market: 20% of the production is sold in Denmark. The rest is exported to Japan, the Far East and the Middle East.

About the dairy

  • Barrit Mejeri was established as a cooperative dairy in 1897.
  • The dairy is officially named Bjerre Herreds Mejeriselskab after a consolidation of 6-7 dairies from the same area, but in daily speech it is called Barrit Mejeri.
  • The dairy, which is still a cooperative dairy, has since 2003 exclusively produced cream cheese.