Grøndal Dairy (Uhrenholt Group)

Address: 43 Horne Landevej
DK 5600 Fåborg

Contact address:
Uhrenholt A/S
106 Teglgårdsparken
DK 5500 Middelfart
phone +45 6441 4041
fax +45 6441 7545
Telephone: +45 6260 1307
Fax: +45 6260 1325

Dairy manager: Gisle Nordlund
Chairman/owner: F. Uhrenholt Holding A/S

Company form: Limited company

Production: Cheese
Market: -

About the dairy

  • The dairy was established in 1907, but has since then been significantly rebuilt. The Uhrenholt Group purchased the dairy from Arla Foods in 2002. The group already owned Skodborg Dairy, but in 2006 the production of yellow cheese was concentrated to Grøndal Dairy, and Skodborg Dairy was closed.
  • Uhrenholt A/S is an international trading company that buys and sells food. The company is also the largest privately-owned dairy company in Denmark annually trading more than 100,000 tons of cheese, butter and milk powder.