Address: 6-8 Havegårdsvej
DK 5240 Odense NØ
Telephone: +45 6610 9128
Fax: +45 6610 9138
E-mail: jbj@jbj-ost.dk
Homepage: jbj-ost.dk

Management: Søren Jacobsen / Finn Jacobsen
Chairman/owner: J.B. Jacobsen Seden A/S

Company form: Limited company

Production: Processing of yellow cheese from selected Danish and foreign dairies.

The cheese is sliced, grated or cubed.
Market: -

About the company

  • JBJ-Ost was established in 1949 by Jørgen Bent Jacobsen and is today run as a family-owned company by the founder's two sons, Søren and Finn Jacobsen.
  • The company purchases cheese from selected Danish and foreign dairies.
  • JBJ-Ost slices, grates and cubes cheese for both the foodservice and retail segments.
  • The selection is based on a well-developed flexibility concept where products and types of packaging are developed in close dialogue with the customer.