Jernved Dairy

Address: 242 Jernvedvej
DK 6771 Gredstedbro
Telephone: +45 7543 5311
Fax: +45 7543 5311
E-mail: -

Dairy manager: Ole Jørn Frederiksen
Chairman/owner: Ole Jørn Frederiksen

Company form: Privately owned

Production: Cheese (Brie, Danbo, Maribo, Svenbo, Emmentaler and 6% Kongeåost)
Butter (oldfashioned churned, both salted and unsalted)
Market: -

About the dairy

  • Jernved Dairy was founded in 1909 by the farmers in Jernved and the surrounding area. The dairy had butter as the main production, and the company was operated as a co-operative dairy until 1992.
  • In 1992, the dairy was sold to Laila and Ole Jørn Frederiksen and has since then been privately owned. The dairy has been expanded and converted into cheese production. Today, cheese is the main product of the dairy.