Løgismose Meyers A/S

Address: Afd. 4110 – Mejeri
2-4 Ny Vestergade, Allested
DK 5672 Broby
Telephone: +45 6363 6310
Fax: +45 6363 6311
E-mail: info@loegismoseudvalgt.dk
Homepage: loegismosemeyers.dk

Dairy manager: Henrik Toft
Chairman/owner: Løgismose Mejeri A/S

Company form: Limited company

Production: Organic smoked cheese, organic salad cheese, organic skyr, organic quark, organic yoghurt and various tapas dips, and a number of dairy-based beverages.
Market: Europe

About the dairy

  • Løgismose Dairy was founded in 1969 when Sven and Lene Grønlykke bought Hårby Dairy. Today, Løgismose Dairy is located in Allested-Vejle on central Funen.
  • In 1990, the dairy was converted to organic production.
  • The dairy manufactures gourmet class dairy products.
  • Sven Grønlykke comes from a dairy family, and he always loved smoked cheese for lunch. He found a recipe for a particularly tasty version of the Funen speciality and made the smoked cheese their flagship.
  • The companies Løgismose and Meyers merged on 15th January 2015. Over the years, the two family businesses have worked side by side with the same goal of contributing to raising the level of Danish food culture.
  • Early 2016, Løgismose Dairy launched the milk series "The Taste of Freedom" which was developed in close cooperation with four Funen farmers. The series has the food label 'Recommended by the Danish Animal Protection Organisation'. This is the first time in Denmark that a dairy receives the label from the Animal Protection Organisation.
  • Løgismose Dairy is part of a family community which also runs well-known restaurants and wine imports such as Falsled Kro and Løgismose Wine, as well as Food & Delicatessen at Nordre Toldbod in Copenhagen.