MBM, Meginfelag Búnaðarmanna

Address: Vegurin Langi
FO 188 Hoyvík, Faroe Islands
Telephone: +298 309000
Fax: +298 309001
E-mail: mbm@mbm.fo
Homepage: mbm.fo

Dairy manager: Hákun Steingrimsson
Chairman/owner: Faroese farmers

Company form: Cooperative 

Production: Butter
Liquid milk products
Market: -
Homepage: mbm.fo

About the dairy

  • MBM is the only dairy in the Faroe Islands. MBM is a cooperative dairy established on 25th October 1977, under the name Mjólkarvirki Búnaðararmanna (The Farmers' Dairy).
  • The name was subsequently changed to Meginfelag Búnaðararmanna (Landmännenes Hovedorganisation), abbreviated MBM.
  • Today, the company consists of two departments, production and sales.
  • The cooperative dairy produces butter and liquid milk products from the 30 milk producers located around the many islands.