Nørager Dairy

Address: 67 Bredgade
DK 9610 Nørager
Telephone: +45 9672 2600
Fax: +45 9672 2611
E-mail: noerager@nordex-food.dk
Homepage: nordexfood.dk

Dairy manager: Torben Hovgaard
Chairman/owner: Nordex Food

Company form: Limited company

Production: Cheese
Market: Most of the world

About the dairy

  • Nørager Mejeri was taken over by Nordex Food in 1984. The dairy produced both cheese and butter in the beginning, but in the early 1990s, they focused on only producing white cheese.
  • Nordex Food A/S is a privately owned dairy that produces and sells cheese and milk products in large parts of the world. The focus is on the white cheeses which are produced at Nørager Dairy as well as at dairies in Austria and Romania.