Ostebørsens Farm Dairy

Address: 14 Industrivænget
DK 4241 Vemmelev
Telephone: +45 4422 3333
E-mail: hmk@osteborsen.dk
Homepage osteborsen.dk

Dairy manager: Henrik Møller Kastrup
Chairman/owner: Birgitte Kastrup

Company form: Privately owned

Production: Cheese
Market: Denmark

About the dairy

  • The cheese wholesale company was founded in 1934 when Axel Munch started his cheese business in the area north of Slagelse.
  • The farm dairy was established in 2017. All the products of the dairy are produced from natural grass milk from cows from the farm Tøvestensgaarden. The cows live on grass and hay growing on protected meadows.

Cheese sale

  • The dairy's cheese shop and café is open Monday to Friday 10 am - 6 pm and Saturday 8-12 am.