Sønderhaven Farm Dairy

Address: 314 Stadevej
DK 9700 Brønderslev
Telephone: +45 9883 7404
Fax: +45 9883 7406
E-mail: -
Homepage: soenderhaven-gaardmejeri.dk

Dairy manager: Palle Selch
Chairman/owner: Marianne Simonsen / Preben Ørum

Company form: Privately owned

Production: Cheese
Market: -

About the dairy 

  • The farm owners Marianne Simonsen and Preben Ørum built the dairy on their farm in 2007, and it was opened on September 2007. The milk comes from the farm's own cows, and it is used primarily for cheese and butter production.
  • The products are sold from the farm shop.