Them Cooperative Dairy

Address: 16 Rustrupvej
DK 8653 Them
Telephone: +45 8684 7388
Fax: +45 8684 8338
E-mail: -

Dairy manager: Torben Aarris
Chairman/owner: Gert Lassen

Company form: Cooperative

Production: Cheese (organic and non-organic yellow cheeses)
Marked: 95% of sales are made in Denmark while approximately 5% goes for export.

About the dairy

  • The dairy was founded in 1888. In 1952, the current dairy, which is the third since the start, was built, and it has been continuously expanded, most recently with a new plant for whey production in 2009.
  • Since 1943, cheese has been produced at the dairy, primarily for the Danish market.