Danish Dairy Board

The majority of the Danish dairy companies are organised in Danish Dairy Board which, together with Danish Agriculture and Food Council, handles the dairies’ interests and carry out a large number of tasks on their behalf.

The Danish Dairy Board is the Danish dairy industry’s trade association. 

The Danish Dairy Board is a knowledge-based organisation, and professional expertise is the organisation’s most important resource for creating development in the industry, advising the members and fulfilling a mission to create optimal development potential for the Danish dairy industry.

The Danish Dairy Board handles the Danish School Milk Scheme and administrates trademarks, foundations and other financial administration.

The Danish Dairy Board is part of the Danish Agriculture and Food Council and colleagues collaborate on issues concerning dairy and the dairy industry. We are represented at offices in Aarhus, Copenhagen and Brussels.

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Main tasks and areas of responsibility

  • Safeguarding of commercial and political interests in relation to the European Union and other international associations and organisations.
  • Co-operation with national and international authorities and organisations.
  • Exercise of direct negotiation and consultation rights towards public authorities.
  • Communication and image-building activities.
  • Joint sales promotion for milk and dairy products, including school milk and nutrition.
  • Product legislation, environment and quality.
  • Co-ordination of dairy industry research and development.
  • Administration of the Milk Levy Fund and the Dairy Rationalisation Fund.
  • Preparation of industry statistics.


Danish Dairy Board has a board of directors representing its  members, as well as several committees. Danish Dairy Board is also represented internationally.

Board of Directors

The board consists of 6 members. The board supervises the management and handles the strategic and guiding leadership of the Danish Dairy Board.


The members of the Danish Dairy Board can be divided into two groups. The first group consists of co-operative and private dairies whereas the second group comprises trading companies with export and import of dairy products. Our members vary in size, from small farm dairies with few employees to large companies with several hundred employees.

Co-operative dairies and privately owned dairies

The first group consists of both co-operative dairies and privately owned dairies receiving milk directly from the milk producers, or receiving milk and cream for the production of dairy products or processing of dairy products. The products are milk, butter, cheese and cultured milk products such as yoghurt. In addition to this, some of the dairies also produce preserved milk and ice-cream.

Trading companies

The second group comprising trading companies that do not deliver, produce or process dairy products but who on the contrary export Danish dairy products abroad and import foreign products into the Danish market.

International representation

Via Danish Agriculture & Food Council the Danish Dairy Board is a member of both national and international organisations with a connection to the Dairy industri. Through our memberships we work to promote the Development of opportunities for the Danish dairy industry, especially for our members.

  • IDF (International Dairy Federation). An international organisation for national dairy organisations. IDF works for its members by being a source of scientific knowledge relevant to the dairy sector, and by global initiatives for the industry.
  • EDA (European Dairy Association). And association representing all European dairy industries vis-a-vis the EU institutions. The members are the dairy industry's main organisations from the individual member countries.
  • ASSIFONTE. An association representing the European processed cheese sector and attending to the producers' interests establishing a common policy.
  • Global Dairy Platform. Works to promote the status of milk as a healthy and nutritious food in close cooperation with the IDF.
  • SNE (Specialised Nutrition Europe). A European cooperation between food manufacturers with a particular focus on nutrition.