The industry in numbers

An annual milk production of 5.61bn kg and an export income of 21.1bn. Key figures give a quick overview of the Danish dairy industry while dairy statistics give a detailed insight in milk production as well as the exports, imports, production and consumption of a wide range of dairy products.

Key figures 2019

Danish milk production and industry

Number of farms delivering milk: 2,831
Number of milk cows: 563,000
Total milk production: 5.61bn kg

Number of dairy companies: 26
Number of sites with dairy production: 52

Dairy production
Liquid milk products: 777mn kg
Butter: 75mn kg
Cheese: 457mn kg
Milk powder/preserved milk powder: 259mn kg

Dairy imports
Liquid milk products: 118mn kg
Butter: 17mn kg
Cheese: 102mn kg
Milk powder/preserved milk powder: 81mn kg

Dairy exports
Liquid milk products: 390mn kg
Butter: 50mn kg
Cheese: 390mn kg
Milk powder/preserved milk powder: 225mn kg
Annual export revenues: DKK 21.1bn

Danish dairy statistics

"Dairy statistics" is a work of reference with figures concerning practically all aspects of the Danish milk sector - from raw milk production in the cowsheds to the domestic consumption of dairy products and a detailed insight into Danish dairy exports.

The statistics are divided into 10 main chapters for easy reference.

Download the current version of the dairy statistics (pdf).