Keywords in Danish milk production are quality and safety, sustainability and animal welfare.

Dairy products are an important part of a sustainable nutrition

It is important that we take good care of our planet and change our diets so that they become more sustainable in the long run. Various stud...

UN sustainable development goals

How the dairy sector supports the UN sustainable development goals

The UN wants more focus on sustainability and has set 17 global goals for how it can be done. The dairy sector takes responsibility and will...

Jeremy Hill, IDF (left) and Ren Weng, FAO, after signing the Rotterdam declaration.

UN: The dairy industry is crucial for a sustainable development of the globe

Milk production is a key part of the efforts to eliminate poverty and provide the world's population with safe and healthy food, according t...

Animal welfare in Denmark

Good animal welfare benefits both the animals and the farm as cows that thrive produce more milk.

Organic dairy farming

The first organic food production legislation was back in 1987, and two years later, the now well-known Ø-logo was launched as a control mar...

Quality and safety

In order for the milk to always have its fresh and delicious taste, there is a number of measures that ensure that all milk is supplied with...

Esrom - a Danish PGI cheese

Danish PGI cheeses

There are four Danish PGI cheeses.