The Danish dairy industry

About the Danish dairy industry - its history, its products, its companies.

Danish Dairy Board

The majority of the Danish dairy companies are organised in Danish Dairy Board which, together with Danish Agriculture and Food Council, han...

Dairy companies in Denmark

An overview of all dairy companies in Denmark. All dairies listed are members of Danish Dairy Board.

The industry in numbers

An annual milk production of 5.61bn kg and an export income of 21.1bn. Key figures give a quick overview of the Danish dairy industry while ...

Each week more than 100,000 schoolchildren in 1,400 schools alle over Denmark get their milk via the school milk scheme.

School Milk Scheme

The dairies' School Milk Scheme delivers milk to over 100,000 school children and offers a wide range of materials and activities to teacher...

Hjedding Dairy - the first co-operative Danish dairy.

History of the Danish dairy industry

Denmark is practically the ideal country for dairy production. Our climate and soil provide optimum conditions for dairy cattle farming.

A chequered red icon

The iconic Karoline Cow came into being by a bit of a coincidence in 1958 - created from the artist Grethe Rich's chequered red kitchen curt...